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Tube manipulation and bending can make even the most competent engineers utter a few choice words. Springback, flattening and a misplaced set-up can all lead to problems and frustration.

Our advanced equipment gives you efficient and precise results that save time, a lot of exasperation and perhaps few quid on the swear-box.

Domestic and industrial settings call for tube manipulation in many tasks including hydraulic system builds, refrigeration and heating.

You design it, we create it
Our experienced team tackle tube manipulation on many materials such as copper, brass, mild and stainless steel. They deliver your precise requirements and replicate designs from your drawings or samples, besides offering on-site support and advice.

We offer tube manipulation in conjunction with:

  • Tube bending 
  • Tube end forming 
  • Tube swaging
  • Tig welding

Fully automated tube manipulation

  • Electronic 3 axis CNC precision bending machines
  • 300 tube single run (max length 700mm)
  • Tube manipulation from 6mm to 20mm


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