Hydrostatic H2O & Dry Nitrogen Pressure Testing

Our two in-house pressure testing units allow the assembly team to confidently assess and report on the safe working pressures of a variety of hose assemblies including hydraulic, rubber compressor, air breathing and pneumatic. Utilising both the Hydrostatic H2O and the leak detecting Dry Nitrogen water tank, any vital assembly can be delivered with absolute confidence in its performance. Pressure testing is available for kits, hose assemblies and tube manipulation.

Guaranteed safety… every time

As with any ‘on task’ application of hose assemblies, pressure testing is also a high-risk activity. When applying stored energy to an assembly, especially for the first time, there is a potential for injury through the rapid escape of gas or liquid following catastrophic failure of the hose or fittings. In-house pressure testing ensures confidence and peace of mind in all Flowtech assembled products.


Hydrostatic H2O Testing

  • 3/16" up to 2"
  • 5 outlet ports capable of testing to 1500 bar
  • Test bed – 2000 x 800 x 500 mm
  • Bulletproof cover

Nitrogen Test Unit

  • 10 outlet ports capable of testing up to 30 bar
  • Air and water hose assemblies tested submersed in water
  • Dry nitrogen test medium drier than O2 or atmospheric mix

In-house Testing

  • All testing is performed by fully BFPDA trained personnel
  • All testing is performed to BS EN ISO 7751

Having an in-house testing facility means that all hose assemblies can be subjected to the relevant hold test at twice working pressure (hydraulic) as standard, for twice the amount of time than is recommended by the BFPDA. This, combined with a percentage test and the use of quality hose and components, brings security and a reassurance in Flowtech’s pledge to deliver a superior product, safely.

As with all of the Flowtech services, next day delivery is available on all orders placed before 12.30pm*, whilst delivering direct to your customers via Flowtech Express is also an option.

* Large order volumes may take longer, please enquire for more information.