Pin Prick Hose Assemblies

It can seem counterintuitive to have holes in something that needs to be pressurised. Even so, those tiny holes or pin-pricks, actually help keep the hose in good condition and extend its lifespan.

The tiny pin-pricks only puncture the tube's outer cover. So, the gases that gradually build-up between the tube and the cover can escape. This prevents the hose from becoming blistered or bubbled, improving its reliability and life-time.

How is pin-pricking done?
A wheel passes along the hose as it's pulled from the mandrel – pricking the cover in a series of uniform punctures that stop at the reinforced layer.

For hoses ranging from 11.5mm to 85mm Ø OD, our hose pricking equipment guarantees the hose is perforated at the correct tolerance. 

Our pin-pricked hose comes in:

  • Full coils
  • Bespoke cut lengths
  • Fully assembled

All pin-pricked hoses arrive with you clearly labelled so you can easily identify them from standard hose.