Product Spotlight - Brass Screwed Gate Valves

The GV12 Series from HUK Valves is one of the top selling products in Flowtech’s Process & Instrumentation division.
Gate Valves from Flowtech
Gate Valves from Flowtech

The GV12 brass screwed gate valve is ideal for domestic water services and heating plants. It’s also used in the fire protection industry for sprinkler systems. The valve is easy to install in multiple pipe systems due to its long thread pattern.

The GV12 is a reliable and robust solution to control the flow simply with an on/off operation. It features a metal seat wedge design to isolate non-aggressive, non-corrosive and non-abrasive media up to +80°C in the absence of steam.

Rated to PN20 or PN16, depending on size, this manual full bore gate valve offers an economical and maintenance-free solution when permitting or preventing flow is required; it gives minimal resistance or pressure drop when fully open (full flow). It’s also compact for its diameter size and has a non-rising stem, making it the ideal solution for applications where vertical space is limited.

The most popular size we supply is 1”, but the range is available from 3/8” up to 4”, all in stock and ready for next day delivery.

Key features:

  • Threaded female BSP tapered up to sizes 2”
  • Threaded female BSP parallel for sizes 2.1/2” upwards
  • Solid wedge design
  • Non-rising stem
  • Screwed bonnet
  • Hand wheel operation
  • Each valve is manufactured to BS 5154


  • Robust design with brass body and internals
  • Long thread pattern makes for easier installation for multiple pipe systems
  • Cost effective and maintenance free
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications such as heating, fuel isolation, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Can be operated in temperate ranges -10°C to +80°C
  • 20 bar rated up to 2”
  • Non-rising stem design; can be installed where vertical space is limited
  • No risk of water hammer when operating and closing the valve slowly


  • Cannot be used for immediate closing; hand wheel requires multiple turns to go from open to closed position
  • Cannot be used for throttling (regulating the flow rate)
  • Not suitable for corrosive media, aggressive and high or low temperature applications