Electric Actuator : providing efficient solutions for fluid management

When there’s a requirement for high cycle applications, delivering high levels of productivity, continuous precise accuracy or controlling valves in remote or difficult to access areas, electric actuators can provide a solution. They may also provide ergonomic benefits, such as automating a repetitive and tedious task.

Electric actuators can improve process productivity and efficiencies in a wide range of sectors and environments, such as automotive, food processing, power plants and wastewater treatment plants. Also, due to fail-safe capabilities, the user can control the functionality in the event of a power loss. Therefore, using electric actuators is now safer than ever before.

Using the J4C series of actuator offers many advantages:
• Lightweight and corrosion resistant design with IP67
• True multi-voltage plug and play system capable of
receiving 24-240V DC / V AC 1ph 50/60Hz
• Electronic torque limiter with auto gearbox relaxing
• Multi-flange mounting to ISO 5211 and DIN 3337
• Selectable manual override
• Dome style visual position indicator

The latest design of the J+J, the J4CS features brushless motor technology, so each unit now has a three year
warranty from shipment date or up to 60,000 working cycles¹; this equates to over 53 working cycles per day. This means that previously accepted levels of performance in an electric actuator have now been replaced, as latest technologies have allowed for improved precision, safer and quieter electrical operation and an increase in longevity.

As technology advances, actuator additional options are also increasing, e.g. Bluetooth, Modbus and timer function, that will soon be available with the J+J J4C to the UK market. Once OEM teams get familiar with new electric actuator technologies, the possibilities become endless. For instance, it can overcome many obstacles and leverage new opportunities with projects.

Flowtech can also supply and assembly in-house brass ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, 3-way L or T port ball valves and wafer pattern or lugged and tapped butterfly valves to combine with the electric actuator to low operating torque with a suitable % safety margin for numerous applications².

1. J+J J4CS warranty is either three years or up to 60,000 working cycles,
whichever comes first.
2. please contact our Technical Sales team if you are unsure what safety
margin to use for critical applications.