1/4" BSPT Blowgun

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1/4" BSP Taper Female, ASG-1 Safety Air Blow Gun, Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar, FT Pro

The KELM ASG-1 safety air blow gun has been developed to comply with all aspects of the OSHA standard for compressed air used for cleaning. This standard reads: Today, the most common way to comply to this standard is to fit a tamper-proof regulator set at 29 psi ahead of the blow gun. However, this is costly and can only be used when also using a safety nozzle'. The KELM ASG-1 safety air gun provides an extremely cost effective solution; it is designed with Venturi holes in the nozzle which increase air volume and allow air to escape if the nozzle is dead-ended. This specially designed feature ensures less than 30 psi passes through the nozzle, complying with the standard set by OSHA. In addition, all the internal components are brass, ensuring a rust-free operation. Blow gun repairs are not necessary as O-rings are self-lubricating, preventing valve leakage.

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