7/8" JIC Flaretite Hydraulic Seal

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7/8" JIC, Flaretite, Hydraulic Seal, 304 Stainless Steel, Working Temperature -40°C to +150°C, Hy-fitt

The Flaretite Seal is a metal stamping, designed with multiple, concentric sealing rings. The entire seal is coated with a dry-to-the-touch, baked-on Loctite™ sealant. When inserted into a fitting, the concentric rings form multiple seals down the face of the flare, while the Loctite coating fills minor imperfections, dramatically increasing the integrity of the fitting. New ISO and NFPA standards strongly recommend seals for all fittings. Fits all standard JIC/SAE/JIS flare fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic. Has a user-friendly tab to clip the seal onto the fitting. Protects against weeping on new and damaged fittings. Creates a perfect leak-free clip-on seal, guaranteed. Complies with latest international standards. Other seals avaialble on request.


MaterialStainless Steel
SealStainless Steel
Thread TypeJIC
Working Temperature-40°C to +150°C


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