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Hose & Pipe Cleaning Kit, Pellet Launcher Kit, Mobile Kit, 6mm to 50mm Nozzle Hole Size, Contains 10 Nozzles, FT Pro

The pellet launcher uses compressed air to fire a foam pellet through tube, pipe and hose, clearing soft deposits and loose debris as it travels through. The pellet launcher is designed to operate at 80-110 psi and should be connected, by a 3/8"(10mm)ID air line, to an air source NOT exceeding 150 psi. The mobile kit is specifically for use with hose, tube and pipe from 5mm - 50mm. The Hose Nozzle fits over the tube, hose or pipe to be cleaned. The specially designed and extremely robust pellet launcher controls the air flow, it attaches to a 50 mm crimp head through a patented interlocking system. The nozzles are inserted into the head, these are designed to reduce the pellet in size for insertion into the pipe. All nozzles fit into the 50mm crimp head. All kits come in a case with instruction manuals and pellet usage chart for identifying the correct pellets to use with your application. This Kit consist of the following: AM-1™ Hand Piece, 50 mm crimp head, Adapter ring, White Hose Nozzles 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 25, 32, 38, 50 mm


BrandFT Pro
Nozzle Hose Size6mm to 50mm
Number of Nozzles10


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