Replacement Fibre Filter Element 21 Micron Series RA

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Hydraulic High Pressure Filtration, Series RA, Replacement Fibre Filter Element, 21 Micron, UFI

The UFI Hydraulic Division return filters are named “TANK CARE” because they take care of the oil returning into the tank, ensuring the fluid cleanliness level to be within the required values. Nominal flow rates up to 2.400 l/min (635 GPM). Degree of filtration is from 5μm(c) to 90 μm, filter elements manufactured from glass-fibre, cellulose and metal wire mesh media. Materials Head and cover: Aluminium alloy, Bowl: Polyammide for FRA21-31-32-33-41, Zinc plated steel for FRA41-42-51-52-53-5D, Bypass valve: Polyammide, Seals: Nitrile (Viton Fluoroelastomer on request), Indicator housing: Brass, Compatibility (ISO 2943:1999), Full with fluids: HH-HL-HM-HV-HTG (according to ISO 6743/4)




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