Walform Cold Formed Tube. 
Perfectly formed tube… every time

Walform is the leading name in global pipework connections for many industrial applications. The System enables the production of mechanical cold formed tube ends, reducing any risk of material split experienced via traditional heat manipulation methods. The machine uses a conventional DIN fitting body and a DIN nut which guarantees an absolutely leak-proof seal. A lower tightening torque compared to other cutting-ring tube fitting systems enables shorter assembly times and an overall reliable assembly.

Walform ended tubes are highly suitable for use in marine, oil and gas, agriculture, alternative energy, manufacturing, mobile material handling and transportation industries. We are able to offer a tube manipulation service in conjunction with Walform ended tubes.


The Viton seal ensures each tube is manufactured to offer increased consistency, safety and reliability than conventional methods or re-shaping. The risks that stem from improper assembly of the tubes can be reduced dramatically, creating a safer working environment – machine operation mitigates the risk of leakages normally caused by engineers over-tightening the connections. This significantly reduces slip and trips, fire hazards and environmental damage caused by sub-standard assemblies.

Walform Machine Hire