C Cure

The success of the brand is based on the principal foundation of quality. Through both the quality of product and quality of service.The range offers a wide variety of options, from lighter clamping  such as single ear hose clamps and worm drive clips to heavier solutions including spiral clamps, heavy duty steel and superior clamps.  This, coupled with the brand’s product variations of pipe hanging components, pipe clips, fixings and ferrules in steel, stainless steel, brass and nylon, makes C-Cure a secure source for all clamping solutions.

Secure Clamping Solutions

  • Extensive range of clips and clamps
  • Millions sold throughout the UK
  • Guarantees a secure pipe and hose fittings

Below are just a few examples of the products C-Cure offer:

Click here to view C-Cure Clips & Clamps

Click here to view the C-Cure Hose Crimpers & Die Sets

Click here to view C-Cure Banding System, Pipe Clips & Back Plates

Please see our catalogue for further C-Cure products!