5 Exceptional Fluid Power Companies
Merging into 1

The new Flowtech comprises four divisions and creates the most comprehensive range of fluid power products available from one company.

Pneumatics | Hydraulics | Industrial | Process Valves and Instrumentation

Welcome to Flowtech, this is your new home for all your pneumatic, hydraulic, industrial and process & instrumentation needs.  Over the last year we have worked on an extensive project to bring all of our ecommerce businesses together under one banner - Flowtech. Whether you are a customer from Indequip, Beaumanor or Hydravalve you can now place your orders on www.flowtech.co.uk

By now, all account customers should have received information on how to access your account online, enabling you to place orders from the 4th January 2022.

Each Divisional Team is Here to Give You Confidence

No matter which division you connect with, they speak your industrial language. Each team has true sector experience (both ‘on the job’ and sales). You'll have all the product, technical and sales support you need for simple or complex enquiries, stock management and product sourcing.

Our Key Supplier Relationships are Yours Too

You’ll benefit from our close working relationships with key suppliers. Fast and flexible, we can respond quickly to changing market conditions. So, whatever your budget, you can be assured that we have the ideal solution.

Individual Divisional Catalogues

Each division has a dedicated catalogue, expertly compiled, easy to navigate and packed with detailed technical drawings for quick and accurate reference.

We'll Help Maximise Your Business

With our hundreds of years’ knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for the industry. You'll get all the help you need to maximise your performance in each sector.

Each division has dedicated Sales and Technical teams who are committed to supporting your business.

Pneumatics Division


Hydraulics Division


Your most comprehensive range of pneumatic products in the entire industry. From premium quality Italian manufacturers to lower priced, high-quality ranges.
As a hydraulics' customer you'll access an impressive 180 market-leading ranges across a far-reaching selection of premium and own brand products.

Industrial Division


Process Valves and Instrumentation Division


Bringing together thousands of industrial fluid power and MRO consumable products. All chosen to help you grow your business and help your customers. Even if it's not on our website or in the catalogue we can still help. Tell us your requirements and we'll supply you with a fast and competitive quote.

A comprehensive range of process products from premium quality European manufacturers to economy, high-quality, globally sourced ranges. Whatever your budget, you can be assured that we’ll have the ideal solution.